The following are the benefits of Smart Sinus Procedure®:

Safe – The Smart Sinus Procedure™ is very safe with greater than 150,000 already treated and living better quality of life. The balloon approach is far less invasive and risky than traditional sinus surgery.

Proven – Studies show satisfaction rate of 95% (1)–virtually no other procedure in ANY field can match this!

Fast -Recovery is quick with most patients resuming normal activities the day after the procedure.

The Smart Sinus Procedure® is a minimally invasive treatment for patients suffering from chronic sinusitis who have failed maximal medical therapy including antibiotics and oral steroids. But what is the Smart Sinus Procedure anyway and how is it different?

The Smart Sinus Procedure® was actually invented by the same scientist behind balloon angioplasty, the procedure used to open up clogged vessels in the heart. Balloon angioplasty has replaced the need, in many cases, for open heart surgery. Similarly, the Smart Sinus Procedure™ utilizes a balloon technology that replaces traditional sinus surgery. The Smart Sinus Procedure is used by ENT doctors to gently dilate open up clogged sinuses that result in the miserable symptoms of chronic sinusitis.

While traditional sinus surgery is still effective, it can be quite traumatic for patients because of significant down time and discomfort continuing for weeks after the surgery. The Smart Sinus Procedure™ is done in the office and patients can easily resume normal activities the day after the procedure. There is typically an immediate improvement in symptoms and quality of life. The Smart Sinus Procedure has been shown to be as effective as traditional sinus surgery with over 95 percent patient satisfaction at one year.


ORIOS I, office – based dilation, Data on file at Acclarent.

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